Moral stories in english

Moral Stories In English

Reading has a big impact on everyone, but kids especially. Children are taught life lessons through short moral tales imaginatively and enjoyably. Additionally, it teaches them how to recognize right from wrong and instills moral values at a young age. A story is a fantastic method to engage your children. The stories you read to yourself as a child are probably one of your first recollections. Most of the tales you heard as a youngster had morals. These are not the kinds of stories that are common in today’s media. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to tell your youngster these tales?

V Tell Tales is an interesting way to read, watch and develop your imagination with unique storylines that have meaning to them.

Stories and childhood

Children adore hearing tales. In actuality, we all adored it as children. Is it not? We all have great memories of hearing stories told to us when we were little by our parents and grandparents. Back in the day, while we were lying next to our nannies and dads, they would take us on a lovely journey during which fairies would grant wishes and animals would converse in human languages. We have listened with rapt attention as those tales were told to us by our elders, learning about the cunning of Vikram and Betaal, the courage of the Pandavas, and the greed of the guy with the golden eggs.

As we get older, we can see the significance of those moral tales and how, in a pretty straightforward way, they helped teach us to distinguish between good and evil when we were so little. We think that these tales have a significant impact on children’s conceptions of morality and ethics. Naturally, we would like these similar goals and values to be taught to our children; thus, it is crucial to start exposing them to such stories at a young age.

Building character with moral stories

The earliest method of education is transmitting knowledge through stories, which is still a widespread practice. It assists senior citizens in teaching younger generations crucial cultural and moral values. It forges connections with cultural identity and gives them advice on managing various circumstances.

  1. Helps children develop resilience

Life can be fairly perplexing to our children because of all its complicated turns and turns. While we can’t give kids a guide to life’s road, we can undoubtedly help them develop the resilience they need to deal with its ups and downs. Children’s moral development is aided by moral education through the development of ethics and values.

  1. Keeps kids from veering off the road of righteousness

Through moral stories, children learn the value of staying grounded and avoiding deviating from the straight road due to allures of greed, envy, or pride. We think it plays a crucial role in providing children with a value-rich environment, the benefits of which stick with them even as they age and navigate the world.

  1. Teaches children how to play a part in society

All of the instruction and guidance we give to our kids is intended to get them ready for their place in society in the future. A highly educated person who is a chronic liar will only garner mistrust and scorn from society; it is not only about the educational degrees or the positions. We instruct them on the morals they must uphold and the ideas that will help them become better people through the stories.

  1. Provides a means of avoiding negative influences

Children’s minds are especially susceptible during this time and continually absorb information from their surroundings. We think it’s even more crucial in this situation to share moral stories that teach children the difference between good and wrong. It prevents kids from succumbing to peer pressure or even absorbing bad environmental habits.

Developing imagination and creativity with V tell Tales

Children are intrigued by the actions and reactions of the characters. A fantastic narrative enables them to consider what transpired and what they would do in a similar circumstance. Children learn what behaviors are appropriate and what behaviors they should avoid.

As youngsters develop their language and literacy, stories are a terrific tool for fostering their innate inventiveness. Through imaginative storytelling, children can express themselves freely, expand their imaginations, and become more receptive to new ideas.

V Tell Tales is an innovative storytelling application for children and adults which helps tell stories. It assists you in using text, video, image, music, and gifs to express your message. You can write reviews, recipes, travelogues, fiction, non-fiction, and children’s stories using this app.

V tell tales helps children -;

  1. Strengthen memory and concentration
  2. Develops communication skills
  3. Enhance imagination and creativity
  4. Develops moral compass
  5. It helps develop empathy and all other sorts of emotions


Children can learn valuable lessons from moral stories about everything from culture and conduct to navigating challenging circumstances and discerning right from wrong. Instead of telling the children what is good and wrong straight through the story, the ideal stories would allow them to ponder and make that judgment. V Tell Tales is one of the best storytelling apps that helps enhance creativity through texts, pictures, videos, or gifs.

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