Generating Story Ideas

Creative Stories – Generating Story Ideas

              Lots of creative content are seen online. I am sure a lot will come in the upcoming days. Readers are always looking for something new and creative. We are here with some points that will help you to grab and engage your audience with your new creative ideas. Let’s start our guide on generating story ideas for your stories.

The most challenging aspect of writing fiction is occasionally coming up with a plot premise. Finding topics to write about can be difficult because you want to write but don’t know where to start. In actuality, the writing style of many excellent stories makes them excellent. You may have heard the cynical claim that “everything has already been written”; nonetheless, many stories may be distilled into resembling narrative arcs.

Generating ideas for writing a story is an art that comes from great depths of creativity. It is not easy for anyone to write stories or develop an exciting and compelling storyline. Some people can write endless stories, but there are times when they lack ideas to write a story. Story writers often draw inspiration from real life and put their experiences into writing stories.

V Tell Tales is a unique storytelling app where you can explore your creativity through stories. It lets you innovate and experiment with ideas in different forms.

Steps to generating story idea

Narrowing down the genre you want to write is the first secret to developing topic ideas. You may find more information about various book genres, subgenres, and tropes here.

Consider the genres of books you enjoy reading or television programs you enjoy watching as another technique to generate ideas. Writing a book is more effortless when you are passionate about the subject. Since I don’t have a passion for either car racing or foreign battles, I would find it challenging to write about either. Keep the subject of your first story close to your heart. It will help you stay inspired.

The purpose of this exercise is to make something appear simple. Make a list of topics you like to discuss. Write down some of your interests and preferred topics to discuss with your pals on a piece of paper.

If you discover inspiration from TV shows, plays, movies, novels, an advertisement, or the news, you can come up with an idea.

Ways to enhance creativity

  1. Try to think outside the box
  2. Challenge your brain
  3. Read about non-typical things
  4. Start scribbling ideas
  5. Ask for collaboration
  6. Read books to get some ideas
  7. Watch movies in other languages
  8. Watch a play or skit
  9. Ask for your peer’s opinion
  10. Explore other domains
  11. Start a new hobby
  12. Take a break and resume with a better idea

Evolution of storytelling

Our grandparents told us bedtime stories when we were kids, and we slept happily with our little stories of wisdom. Growing up in an Indian family, there are fewer chances where you wouldn’t have heard about Ramayana and Mahabharat stories. Moreover, stories related to our religious beliefs differed in every household. On every occasion, we would hear folklores, and these stories would help us bond with our families even more. As we grew up, the mode of storytelling changed, but the sentiments remained intact.

  • Reading story books and magazines.

When we were little, we would read comic books, like Panchtantra and champak. Every child loved reading those stories from comics and reminiscing about those simpler times.

  • Listening to stories on the radio

Listening to the radio was our favorite pastime in our childhood. We enjoyed every time we got to hear stories from popular radio stations. Recurring storytelling programs were our favorite which featured every weekend.

  • Watching stories on tv

The invention of television transformed how entertainment was perceived by many. Children spent hours watching cartoon versions of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and short stories from Panchatantra. Some interesting moral storytelling shows like Malgudi days still make us smile.

  • Watching stories on phones

Technological advancements have changed our ways of listening and watching stories. We shifted to mobile phones to hear stories and watch our favorite programs.

  • Reading stories on apps.

Today’s generation uses various applications to read stories and watch stories online. We have come a long way in using gadgets, and now we can read any book on our devices without having to leave our houses.

  • Listening to audio storybooks

Now we can download any book, and instead of reading them, we can listen to them online.

  • Storytelling with V Tell Tales

As we advance in the storytelling journey, V Tell Tales is a fantastic revolution to transform the passive way of reading and listening to stories into a more active form. This app lets you express your stories in a more creative form that can resonate with today’s generation.

Generating story ideas with V Tell Tales

V tell tales is a storytelling app for people who enjoy telling their stories through various means. In childhood, we read books and get our dose of stories we like. Eventually, with technological advancement, gadgets transformed how we listened to stories. V tells Tales is a progressive way of storytelling through videos, pictures, gifs, audio, and text.

You can write your own stories and share them on the platform in the way you find perfect. To generate ideas for writing a story, you can take inspiration from the other work on the app.